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Festival RosaFest 2019 in Sochi will be held in the period from 26.01 on 02.02

Festival RosaFest 2019 in Sochi will be held in the period from 26.01 on 02.02

Festival RosaFest 2019 will be held in the period from 26.01 on 02.02. The event will be held in the format of a big game. The festival is planned for the most snowy period of the winter season of mountain resorts of Sochi. In this regard, guests of the resort Rosa Khutor (Krasnaya Polyana) will be able to visit the Academy of skills from Gorilla Energy. Ships include freeride, freestyle and jibbing classes.


Program «Rosfest -2019»

Festival program:
Wedding at the height of

The RosaFest 2019 program includes a wedding at the peak height of Rosa Khutor resort. At this time, the country's first descent of brides, distribution of free drinks and snacks.

Big game II
This is an extensive quest in the mountains, including 125 tasks. Last year, the quest won 10,000 prizes, including food, ski equipment, drinks, certificates. In total, the event was attended by about 1,000 people. Some of the winners of the game trip paid off at the expense of the prizes.

Theme chalets
The program includes participation in a kind of clubs. They have been popular since the emergence of Alpine camps.

Ice rink
On one of the days provided by the organizers of the event will make the entrance to the rink, as well as the provision of skates completely free.

Spotway-Academy of skills
The event has already become an annual event and gathers under its wing the winners of competitions, Pro-riders, representatives of sports brands. Anyone can sign up for a lesson with a professional. For RosaFest 2019 participants, classes are free of charge. In addition, for the training given points to participate in the Big Game. Points are exchanged for prizes.

Freestyle show
This period of the festival was special. Here flew a groomer, showed tricks on the large hill jump on pyramid. What awaits the participants of the festival this year?

Sport competition
Chinese Downhill-mass descent from the top. It will be held in the form of relay. Each team consists of three people and is formed during the draw. The route opens before the start of the competition.

Hustle King-fans take part in this competition. Everyone will show their trick. And the judges will celebrate the most spectacular.

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