Helicopter hire in Sochi

Here you can use the helicopter rental service in Sochi. Unlike airplanes, helicopters are more mobile, since they do not need a runway for take-off. The helicopter rises easily and sits vertically, and can even fly backwards. The mobility of this aircraft and its high payload makes it an absolute leader. And should we mention that flying a helicopter for urgent business purposes completely eliminates idle traffic in city traffic jams?

Here you can hire a helicopter for press, wedding walks, tourist routes, group flights and heliskiing. Helicopter flights for a long time already became habitual services of air taxi for business people. A half-hour air ride by helicopter will be an excellent gift for loved ones.


The advantages of renting a helicopter in the company "Weekend-Sochi"

  • good technical condition of our fleet;
  • special partnership conditions;
  • high qualification of pilots;
  • flexible discount system for regular customers;
  • a large selection of helicopters, including up to 5-6-seat (Eurocopter, Bell, Agusta);
  • own travel agency. With us you can not only hire a helicopter, but book a whole tourist itinerary with a guide.

To hire our helicopter, please contact us at one of the phone numbers on the website.

Eurocopter AS 350

Eurocopter-SA-316B Alouette III

Robinson R44