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From 2 to 9 March at the resort "Gorki Gorod" festival will be held Week on Peak

From 2 to 9 March at the resort "Gorki Gorod" festival will be held Week on Peak

From 2 to 9 March, the territory of the resort "Gorki Gorod" will become a large-scale platform for sports, education, art and entertainment within the festival Week on Peak.
How to become a participant of Week on Peak festival? Very simple – you need to buy a bracelet. The bracelet of the festival participant Week on Peak is a "key to all doors", and a pass to absolutely all events in the festival calendar. It is also a guaranteed discount on ski pass 35% and ski equipment rental 20%. In addition, the bracelet on the hand gives you the opportunity to pump your skating skills, as the bracelet is also access to the course "Evolution" and a specially designed program for children Snow Kids Camp.

For the first time in Krasnaya Polyana within the festival a separate area of the resort will be allocated for freeride lovers. In the 3rd circus will be the territory of the backcountry – free tests paradnogo, kitoroga and splitboarding equipment, ski touring with certified guides, avalanche training into a unique training ground and competition scaturo and splitboarding on prizes of the partners.  

What is "Evolution"? This course is designed for 4 days of training. The course is suitable for both novice riders and confident skiers, snowboarders and even experts. This is a unique training program of carving and sports techniques of skiing and snowboarding, as well as basic freestyle — "Evolution/carving" and "Evolution/freestyle". As well as the program "Evolution / children" - you just leave your child to us before your classes and take after nakatavshimsya, well-fed and happy.

What is included in the festival program? First, it is daily screenings of documentaries recently about the sport, the wild, the conquest of Gor, and personal experiences of travelers. Most of the films will be presented to the audience by the creators themselves: professional travelers, riders, documentaries, action and outdoor operators.

Secondly, these are two master classes from professional photographers and video operators:

  • Stefan Godin (Stéphane Godin)-French action photographer, shooting wild and untouched mountain landscapes, which submit only to the most daring riders.
  • Dmitry shpilenko - the main operator of the film "Bears of Kamchatka. Beginning of life.» The one who from the team of filmmakers spent the most time among the bears. The one who had to dig with the equipment in the snow, hiding from the storm wind to shoot unique shots of the first days of life of bears after leaving the den.

Week on Peak is a family festival. Than can be take children? Especially for children, the program "Snow Kids Camp" is a 4 - day course of group training on skiing for children from 4 to 14 years, including daily classes on the mountain, as well as staying in the children's entertainment center "Hali-Gali". In the entertainment center "Hali-Gali" there are no restrictions: bowling, master classes, the only Ninja Park in Sochi, gaming

How much does the participant's bracelet cost and where to get it? The cost of the bracelet participant 1000 rubles for one day of the festival week on Peak and 5000 rubles for seven days of participation.

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