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In September, the 18th contest "New wave"will be held in Sochi

In September, the 18th contest "New wave"will be held in Sochi

"New Wave" 2019

In September, the 18th contest "New Wave"will be held. Alexander Rumyantsev, Director of the competition, noted that"the competition has acquired a permanent residence in the Sochi resort city".
Composer, people's artist of Russia and producer Igor Krutoy, as Chairman of the jury told TASS that the exact date has not yet been established. He stressed that"the Channel asks us to move early, but it will be better for the competition in September." In addition, Igor Krutoy said that he would like to invite Alla Pugacheva to the "New wave": "I am going to, but how she [decides]. We'll meet and talk." Alla Pugacheva is the initiator of the contest, so her appearance on the" New wave 2019 " will be symbolic and will support young performers. In addition to the" New wave 2019 " on August 27, it is planned to hold a creative evening of Igor Krutoy.
Last year, the final program of the competition was held on Sunday in Sochi. The program was attended by 15 young performers from 10 countries. From 2002 to 2014 "New wave" was held in Jurmala. Then the competition of young performers moved to Sochi and is still held here.

Date of the "New wave" - 2019»

As mentioned earlier, the exact date is still unknown. But the arrival of participants is scheduled for the period from 24 to 30 August. The organizers of the competition clearly established that it will be held in Sochi in September.

Why September?

Igor Krutoy considers autumn to be the most appropriate time for a large-scale event, which is watched by most of the world.
Details of the competition
To participate in the "New wave 2019" allowed performers 16-35 years. Contestants will be able to perform in any of the musical genres. The formats of the show:
* group team with any number of participants.

How to take part in the"New wave"?

To participate in the competition you need to register and submit documents, including:
* completed registration form (specify the genre of performance, the composition of the team);
• the media to assess the vocal abilities of the performer. For recording you can use the original song or world music.

How is the new wave contest going?

The musical competition is held in three stages:
* 1st stage-regional competition;
* 2nd stage-national competition;
* 3rd stage-semi-final.
Upon successful completion of the qualifying stages, the performer receives an invitation to participate in the "New wave". The Committee of the festival takes care of all the costs of food, accommodation, travel around the city and the flight to Sochi and back. Support is provided including for visa.

Why "New wave" moved from Jurmala to Sochi?

The reason is solely in the political relations between the two States. Initially, several cities were proposed for the competition. Among them are Kaliningrad, Kazan, Baku and Sochi. Crimea was also considered. As a result of the vote, it was decided to stop at Sochi. The resort capital of Russia with its natural features and modern architecture gives the competition a certain "flavor".

Buy tickets for the "New wave" can be on the official website

The ticket costs from 3 000 rubles and is bought on separate contest days. The last day on which the gala concert is scheduled can be visited for 4 000- 80 000 rubles. The sale of tickets is carried out by the partners of the competition. Closer to the beginning of the event prices may change. The cost of entrance to the creative evening of Igor Krutoy - 3 500 rubles.
Those who plan to visit the competition are advised to take care of booking accommodation.

Where can I watch the contest broadcast?

The organizers of the competition each year determine on which channel the festival will be broadcast. Last year, " New wave "was shown on the channel"Russia-1". What awaits the audience this year is still unknown. The event of this scale will definitely be covered by other media.

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