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Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2018 in Sochi

Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2018 in Sochi

Formula 1 racing will be held in Sochi from 27 to 30 September 2018

Formula 1-the legendary world championship in road racing and the most prestigious event in the world of Motorsport. On September 27-30, 2018, the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix will be held again at the Sochi Autodrom, which is the first and only track in our country hosting the Royal races, and the most modern Motorsport complex in Europe, operating all year round.

Sochi Autodrom will bring together 20 of the world's top racers from 10 teams. Russia will be represented by Sergey Sirotkin, who is a member of Williams. Racing support will be loved by fans of the racing series, Formula 2 and GP3. In addition to exciting racing battles at the fifth Russian Grand Prix Formula 1 you will find a bright concert program, entertainment in the Olympic Park, as well as many parties in Sochi.

Источник: sochiautodrom.ru
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