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Transfer to the Olympic Park (Imereti resort) from Weekend-Sochi

Transfer to the Olympic Park (Imereti resort) from Weekend-Sochi

Transfer is a complex of services, the purpose of which is to meet a person and comfortably deliver him to the right place. For example, you can order a transfer airport — Olympic Park or amusement Park "Sochi-Park", as well as in the opposite direction. At the same time, many tasks will be solved, including:

  1. time saving;
  2. power saving;
  3. the Luggage;
  4. comfortable trip without a personal car. 


Transfer can be ordered for a trip from the airport or train station to any place. One of the most popular destinations is the transfer airport — Olympic Park (Imereti resort), on the territory of which there are many popular places of recreation and attractions. These include the amusement Park "Sochi Park", large hotels and hotel complexes ("Sochi Park Hotel"," Velvet seasons", etc.), Olympic facilities, a large and beautiful promenade and one of the best beaches of the black sea coast of Russia.

What is transfer?

Transfer services are not always the usual meeting on the minibus. This option is the most suitable for a group of tourists who want to comfortably and economically get from the station to the hotel. The transfer can be provided for meetings and trips related to business purposes: conferences, economic forums, various congresses and conventions. Sochi has long been not only the resort center of the country. It often hosts national and international business events. In addition, the city organizes major sporting events . For these purposes, airport transfers to the Olympic Park are often required, where many major events have been held recently. 

Depending on the purpose of the trip, the following cars are available for transfer:

  • minivans-suitable for trips around the city and beyond in groups of up to 8 people;
  • premium cars. The most popular among business people. Suitable for organizing a meeting of business partners or guests at a gala event (more often than other premium cars for this purpose are used Executive cars and limousines);
  • cars economy class. A good option for a trip of two or three people or for an individual trip;
  • minibuses. The most suitable option for groups of tourists or small sports teams. Often a minibus is ordered for transfer Olympic Park (Imereti resort) - airport or in the opposite direction;
  • suvs. Especially popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Used in country trips, especially where you need cars with high traffic.

How to book a transfer?

Transfer is easy to book directly on the site. Pick up the right car and click "book a transfer". Additional questions on the order can be asked by phone or in any suitable social network. In addition to cars, you can order a flight by plane and helicopter or sea transport (boats, yachts).

The full list of vehicles from the fleet of our company can be found below:

Executive class

Business Class

Middle class





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